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is btc e safe · US Government Seizes Russian Bitcoin Exchange BTC - e Domain. In a move that perhaps epitomizes the current market. BTC - e is one of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges on the Internet and features in the Bitcoin Price Index. In light of difficulties in. Can you share your experience depositing, withdrawing, etc. If you are using their trading API, can you share your experience as well?. Gox, we at least have Mark Karpeles to hold responsible. I am interested in coding the API myself as I am a programmer and like to write trading bots. I get an error saying You input the wrong amount for withdrawal! Transfers between BTC-e accounts via BTC-e code are free of charge. Coinigy is for manual trading, correct? The exchange is built on the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is typically used for forex trading websites. I haven't had problems over the years, but I've never left everything on one exchange neither.

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This is even stated somewhere in their support docs. But for reasons of security BTC-E is safe. After reading this thread, I logged in again to my BTC-E account and every thing seems to be perfect there right now, just like before. Your best bet for the dirty details is to hit the devs up on their trollbox You'll probably need a demo acc. The new MTGox - June 6,

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BTC-E Siezed by US Law Enforcement Off-topic. If a similar scenario were to happen with BTC-e, this could result in a battle against unknown people. Sign Up Quickly Go. You'd lose a significant amount in fees too, I bet. Overall, not a really good exchange as they had a lot of security problems in the past. High USD liquidity Low fees.

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[HOW TO]- Store Bitcoin On USB Stick - Guide And everybody else's money. This is an archived post. Can you share your experience depositing, withdrawing. I work in a school, where I am responsible for every computer and the entire network that keeps our students connected to the world. JAmes - June 28, It'll probably work out fine, but it might kill you. is btc e safe The exchange is built on the MetaTrader 4 platform, which is typically used for forex trading websites. If you or anyone has been affected by this company, please contact Action Fraud with the U. The site has Russian and English user interface translations. So is this actually a problem? Sometimes they force you to keep your coins with them for a few days before you withdraw them which can be annoying. For new users, there are many video materials online. These attacks were mitigated when the trading platform started using CloudFlare proxy service. But in all fairness, I logged in there after 3 years the other day, and found a couple hundred Litecoin I had completely forgotten about; so there's that. What internet do you operate on??? So is this actually a problem? September 03, , A week ago, btcecom was following one account, Charlie Shrem. In a move that perhaps epitomizes the current market climate of Bitcoin and altcoins, the US Federal Government seized the domain name belonging to BTC-e. What do you mean indische handynummer I use the BTC-e API with them? Protests like the ones outside the Mt. If fees are a significant portion of your amount, you're doing it wrong. In fact, that's exactly what you're doing.

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